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Gloria Gipson Suggs is a native of Marshall County, MS, where she still resides with her husband Franklin. She is a mother of two children named Michael and Linda and a grandmother of a grandson named Langston. Gloria is the eleventh of seventeen, born to Sam Percy and Versie Ree Jones Gipson.

After attending one and two-room elementary schools, she received a diploma from St. Mary’s High School in Holly Springs, MS. She accomplished her B.S. in Biology from Rust College and an M.Ed. in Curriculum Development and Instructions from Memphis State University, which is now U of M in Memphis, TN.

When her 20+ years career as an educator was brought to a sudden halt after several accidents, she turned to things she loved as a child: performing, writing, and drawing. She published three books, one in 1983, 1998, and 2013. As a multi-talented artist, she uses the creation of her art, poetry, short stories, and songs to tell the stories passed on to her of African and Native American heritage and rituals.

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